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Welcome to Gobee Labs!

GoBee Labs was founded in 2010 and is based in Helsingborg, Sweden. We provide smart conceptual solutions for smartphones and tablets.

The Diving Merlin

The Diving Merlin, a new game App, is now launched for iPhone and iPad. It is an addictive single player game based on diving sports. The game character of “The Diving Merlin” is a young and carefree boy with magical power. He lives in the forest on a faraway mythical island. The boy is very acrobatic and can perform various stunts when diving.

With swiping gestures, the player is challenged to direct the Diving Merlin off the cliff, and into various predefined stunts. The next level will be unlocked when the boy successfully completes the stunts together with collecting enough points on the way down to the water. Extra points are given by a correct landing into the water and by collecting falling stars during the dive. The diving merlin

The Seatingplanner+

The Seatingplanner+ is an App developed for iPhone and iPad. With focus on the guests, the functionalities improve and simplify the planning of your wedding, party or dinner. Features include adding and importing guests from your Facebook account, creating a variety of tables and exporting the final seating plan to text format of PDF.


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