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The Diving Merlin

The game character of “The Diving Merlin” is a young and carefree boy with magical power. He lives in the forest on a faraway mythical island. The boy is very acrobatic and can perform various stunts when diving. The player controls the boy with single-touch swipe gestures in different directions, these gestures can be performed anywhere on the screen.

Each level starts with the boy standing on a cliff. From here he has to perform pre-defined stunts during the flight down into the water. There are three stages of each dive; launching, flight and landing. Each stunt has a score. Combos will give extra points. For levels where stars are dropping from the sky, the player has to time the launching to make the boy collect as many stars as possible. Collecting stars give points to the player. For levels where a circle in the water is displayed, extra points may be collected when the boy lands successfully within the circle. To get a perfect dive the player has to perform all pre-defined stunts.

The next level will be unlocked when the boy successfully completes the stunts together with collecting enough points on the way down into the water.