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The Seating Planner+

The Seatingplanner+ is a table placement App for Iphone and Ipad, designed to make it simple to work with your place cards.

With focus on the guests, the functionalities improve and simplify the planning of your wedding, party or dinner. Features include adding and importing guests from your Facebook account, creating a variety of tables and exporting the final seating plan to text format of PDF. By dragging and dropping, you can change the position of your guests, check if they will attend or not, and many more multiple functions. To pick up speed you can randomly place your guest if you like, and then make final adjustments.

With a search function you can easily find your guests. One feature is to keep track on weather a guest will attend or not, or if a guest have replied to the invitation. You can easily mark your guests with special requests for food as well as guests bringing infants to the party. The possibilities are endless and, of course, and you can create multiple plans.

By using Seatingplanner+, you can save time and avoid planning mistakes. App Store is full of apps with unclear functionality. The Seatingplanner + gives you a tangible benefit.


  • Create round, rectangular and honoree tables.
  • Put people on the edges of tables or put tables together.
  • Assemble the table to create your own location.
  • Name your tables.
  • Lock your tables when you are satisfied with a placement.
  • Edit your table.
  • Get an overview of all your tables.


  • Create or import guests from contacts on your iPhone / iPad or from your Facebook account.
  • Add contact information.
  • Mark if the guest is male/female, have specific food requirements and more.
  • Mark if a guest will be present or not, or if they have not yet responded to the invitation.
  • Sort and see what the categories are.
  • Search among the guests.


Guest lists as text format and your seating plan as a PDF (A3 format).


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